Gmail now makes unsubscribing to junk email easier

Many promotional emails come with “unsubscribe” options included in them, though you generally have to scroll to the end, sometimes even search for it in fine-print. They simply don’t want to make it easy, and result in a shrinking subscriber list. From the perspective of the retailer that makes sense, but for those who got signed up inadvertently, it’s frustrating.

Now Google is attempting to make this easier for its Gmail customers, adding a simple button at the top of each message that allows for the elimination of future email from a particular company or service. It honestly doesn’t get much simpler.

Open an email, and glance to the top of the screen to discover this new feature.


Tapping the button opens a simple dialog box that asks for confirmation of your decision. It doesn’t get much easier than this new setup.


This greatly improves the process, as Google handles the hard work for you — some places make it difficult when you click unsubscribe. This is a much simpler way.

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