Torch Music app updated with new music search features

Torch Music arrived as a desktop app late last year, though it is still part of the web browser as well. The service is interesting for one important reason — it provides free streaming music, with tons to choose from. It is essentially like a free version of Rdio or Spotify. Now it has added some new updates, making it even easier to find the tunes you want.

There is a Tune-In selection that contains new options, including Trending, Suggested, People I Follow and Everyone. All are fairly self-explanatory. Trending reveals the current list of most popular music on the service. Suggested will offer songs based on your past listening habits. People I follow pulls in the music your friends on the service have been listening to, and Everyone will find the most recently played tracks from across Torch Music.


There is also a new “Your Music” section that provides a couple of more options — Library contains all of the songs you’ve listened to in the past, while Recent Plays is rather obvious.


Finally under “Playlist” are all of your saved playlists are available, so you can access them easily.

The new features make the service much more usable, adding great options for all of the customers. If you’re using the features then let us know what you think in the comments.

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