Mohiomap: A Useful Mind Mapping Tool For Evernote Users

Evernote is a popular note taking application across different platforms. It started as a notes app for Smartphones and web with cloud storage. Later,  the application was extended to PC and Tablet devices. Even though we have many cloud services and notes apps available on the web, Evernote stands out from all the other apps with its unique interface and features. Many add-ons and supporting apps were available for Evernote to enhance its functionality. Today, I’ve come with one such application called “Mohiomap”, which organizes all your notes in a mind mapping tree. This simple organizational tool helps you discover the contents quicker than before and here’s how it works.


Mohiomap is a complete web based supporting tool for Evernote. To start with the app, first you have to sign up with your email id. Once you complete the registration process, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the application. In the dashboard, to fetch all the notes from Evernote, login and authorize the Mohimap app to connect to your account. As soon as you connect the account, it will take you back to the dashboard. Now, the interface will look similar to Google Maps. All your notes, tags, etc., will be in the tree as nodes and sub-nodes as shown in the screenshot below.


Similar to Google Maps, you can zoom in and zoom out to search for the contents you need. As you zoom in, all the notes and tags under a topic will be expanded as sub-nodes. There will be vertical and horizontal sliders available to navigate between the contents. As you hover over a title or an icon, it will show three different options in a small menu. The first option will open that note in the application. The second option will create a pin in the notes you want. This option works similar to the bookmarks. You can place pins in the important notes to access it quickly.

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The third option will take you to that note in your Evernote account. So, it will be a great managing app for your Evernote account. All the notes you select will be opened in the same window in a sidebar. It lets you easily drag and drop the tags to other notes. The changes will be reflected in your account. If you are a regular user of Evernote, Mohiomap is worth giving a try. It is completely free and helps you manage all your notes quickly and easily. Give a shot and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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