How to recover from a browser hijack in Chrome

It’s the kind of thing you imagine only happens to other people, but then all of a sudden it happens to you; your browser has been hijacked! It is worryingly easy to fall victim to malicious software that makes unwanted changes to your computer, but if you find that your Chrome settings have changes without your consent, there is a quick and easy way to get things back to the way they hold be.

In fact, you should find that Chrome detects when settings have been changed, and if suspicious activity has been detected, your browser should offer to restore your previous settings — a backup has been automatically created for you! Just click Reset and everything should be back to normal in a flash.


But Chrome may not pick up on changes that have been made. If you notice that things are not the way they should be and you want to revert to earlier settings, this can be achieved very simply. Click the Chrome menu button and then click Settings. Click the Show advanced settings link at the bottom of the page and then scroll right down to the bottom. Click the button labelled Reset browser settings and things will be taken care of for you.


Resetting browser data will disable any extensions that you have installed, so you will need to re-enable those you want to continue using. Click the Extensions link to the left of the settings screen and make sure that the Enabled box is checked next to each extension you are interested in.

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