Discover which programs you can safely remove from your computer

There are a number of ways in which you can optimize the performance of your computer, and one them is to spend a little time trimming the fat and dumping those programs you don’t use any more. This has a number of benefits. It enables you to claim back a little disk space, although this is less important these days, but it can also speed up a flagging computer by eliminating unnecessary background tasks and reducing the number of startup items you have.

But deciding which applications to remove can be an issue. There are going to be some programs you know for sure that you don’t need, and can uninstall without a second thought, but there may well be others whose names you don’t fully recognize. Are these programs part of Windows, or are they things you can safely get rid of?

Using a handy tool that’s appropriately named Should I Remove It?, you can quickly discover which apps can be safely removed and which are needed. Grab yourself a copy of this free program and get it up and running — it’s a very small program that weighs in at just 2MB.


When the program starts, there will be a slight pause while your computer is analyzed. After a moment you will see a screen that lists all of the software that has been found. Next to each application you will see a percentage bar — this give you an indication of the percentage of others who have uninstalled the program in question.


This may be enough to help you to decide whether to remove something or not. If you have decided you no longer need a particular program, just click its name and then click Uninstall before following the instruction. If you need to do a little more research, however, click the application name and then click the What is it? button. This will take you to a website that gives and more in-depth description of the program to help you to identify its purpose.

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That’s just about all you need to know about the Should I Remove It?, but the program does have a couple more options. Click the Settings button at the top of the program window and you can then opt to have the program monitor for suspicious software installation, as well as activating the scheduled monthly cleanup setting.


Enjoy having a cleaner, bloat-free computer!



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