Chrome and Firefox extension lets you block and skip YouTube ads

It’s no real surprise the YouTube displays ads. It’s owner, Google, despite being called a search company, is really an advertising-based business. And, the tremendous amount of bandwidth required to run the service is an overwhelming cost. However, if you just can’t stomach those ads, then there are some workarounds.

One of the simplest is a browser plugin with the unceremonious name of “ScrewAds Plus”. It is available for both Firefox and Chrome users — sorry Internet Explorer folks.

Once you have installed it (we are using Chrome for this demonstration) you’ll be alerted that the extension is now active. The icon will appear in your menu bar.


The Chrome version doesn’t have any options, though the developer has included a few in the Firefox version. This isn’t a drawback, as there really isn’t anything additional you need.

The one problem is there doesn’t see to be anyway to block the pre-roll ads, though YouTube frequently lets you skip them after 5 seconds, so it’s not a major issue.

While it doesn’t quite solve all of the advertising woes, it’s a good start. Check it out if you use either Firefox or Chrome.


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