How to use Google as a simple timer

This is a very quick tip, and one you just might not think of — using your web browser to time things. Need to time a boiled egg, or keep remember when you need to take a stew out of the oven? You may scrabble to find where your phone is and then spend a moment or two remembering where the timer function is… or you could just use Google. Yes, the world’s favorite search engine has a built in timer function.

In fact, this is not a completely new feature, it is something that was briefly made available but then disappeared. Now it’s back! And it’s delightfully simple to use.

Head over to Google and in the search field type timer for 5 minutes, adjusting according to your needs.


Play around with it. It’s a simple tool, but it is always on hand when you need it. You can even switch to full screen mode to make it easier to see the countdown from the other side of the room.

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