Add a holiday date calculator to Excel 2013

Microsoft’s Office suite offers a lot of built-in functionality, but what isn’t included can be frequently added via an extension, or plug-ins, as they are also known. While Microsoft maintains an Office Store (what platform doesn’t have its own store these days?), that is not the only place to find these things.

Third-party developers sometimes release these things on their own, and that is exactly what we are looking at today. This is a simple application that can add holiday dates to your Excel spreadsheet.

This one comes from developer Excel Easy, and you can download it here. It’s only a 31 KB file, so the download and installation is rather painless.

The installation will actually open Excel, but in a protected mode.


You’ll need to click the “Enable Editing” button at the top of the screen — you really can’t miss the yellow bar. This opens a new Excel window. From here, it’s a simply matter of changing the year — by default it is 2014, for the obvious reason. To do this, simply type in a new year in the field at the top, or use the arrow keys to move either forwards or backwards.

The one drawback here, it that it’s US holidays, which works for me, but will not for some of you. Perhaps in the future the developer will add support for additional regions. The extension is free.

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