brings detailed weather from around the world

Watching the weather is one constant, not matter where in the world you travel. At times it can be a concern because of actual safety issues — think hurricanes, tornados and blizzards. Many of us monitor it via  a mobile device, but there is a great web app that also makes this possible, and it perhaps gives the most detailed information of any service around. is the website in question here. By simply visiting it, the service detects your location (presumably based on IP address) and immediately begins presenting information.

At the top of the page you’ll pre presented with a globe that depicts your hemisphere, showing a radar image of all the current weather patterns, color-coded based on if it is snow or rain. To the right of this you’ll see the current conditions in your area. You can swap the globe for a regional or local view of the map, if you choose.


Clicking the Plus button to the right of current conditions presents a bit of additional information, including wind speed, humidity and barometric pressure.

Scrolling further down, you find a forecast for your area, which even contains an animated image for each day — you can watch the snowflakes drift down.


Again, you can click on the Plus sign. In this case, it will show you an hour-by-hour breakdown of what to expect, including precipitation and temperature.


The service not only allows you to check the weather in your area, but others around the world. So if you’re planning a trip then you can get an idea of what to expect. You can also easily toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. There’s a lot of detail here, and users around the world should check it out.

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