Check the Chrome Dashboard for all Sync statistics

This past week Mozilla announced accounts for Firefox, something long overdue, as Google’s Chrome web browser has had this capability for sometime now. Customers can log in using a Google account and then choose what to sync across computers. This includes bookmarks, login and password data, browsing history and more.

This means that when you log into a Chrome session on another computer, you can get all of this automatically, and it populates rather quickly. Users can pick and choose what is and is not synced, but there is also a dashboard that provides an overview of just how much data your sharing among your computers. Here’s how to access this information.

Start by heading to the settings menu by clicking the three-bar icon at the top right of the browser, then scroll down and hit the settings option. Under “Sign In”, which is the top section, you will find a link to “Google Dashboard”.


This will open a new tab that displays all of the exact data involved in your syncing — the number of apps, extensions, bookmarks, settings, themes and more. It will also alert you to the time and date of your most recent sync, and provide a link to Google’s privacy policy.


This is good data to have and likely something you’ll want to check periodically just make sure everything is going smoothly and that nothing appears unusual.

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