Create a Twitter background from the profile pictures of your followers

It can be difficult to know what to use as the background image for your Twitter account. You could opt to use a picture of yourself, or if it’s a business account, a company logo will do. Of course you could spend time and money coming up with something really special, or you could just stick your favorite photo there. But how about creating a collage made up of pictures of all of the people who follow you? This is what you can do with Twilk.

Twilk is a free service and you can be up and running very quickly. Pay a visit to the website and click the Start link to begin.


You’ll be taken to the Twitter website, and you’ll need to grant authorization for the app to access your account. Click the Sign In button and once you have completed authorization you’ll be redirected back to Twilk.


Although Twilk will pick up your Twitter account, you still need to provide your email address to create a new account with Twilk. Enter your address and click submit before waiting while your Twitter followers are analysed.

Once this process is complete, you’ll be presented with a mosaic image that can be used as your Titter background.


To apply the image to your account, just hit the Use Background button. The Remove Ad and Edit buttons do exactly what you would expect them to do, but only work if you upgrade to a Twilk Pro account.

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