Google brings cards to search results, here’s how it works

Google is continuously testing, tweaking and updating it search algorithm. It’s a work in progress to keep the company ahead  in the market, as if there is any danger of that lead dwindling.

The latest update rolled out involves Google Now-style cards, which are included with each result, though not readily obvious to most users when glancing down the results page after doing a search. The idea behind this is to add extra information about each results, so you can get an idea about what it is before you even click on it.

There is nothing you need to do as far as enabling this new feature, it’s now built right into the search engine. To get started, head to the Google website and do a search.

In the results, you’ll notice that there is now a little grey arrow at the bottom of each, all the way over on the far right side. Clicking on this will present the new Now-style card.


As you can see from the above image, the card will display brief information about the site, including a description and who owns and operates it.

This can help to avoid all sorts of malicious debris on the web, including potential malware sites and the simple misinformation that is abundant online. It’s an excellent addition to the search engine that brings greater control to the user.

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