5 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Teachers

By default, Chrome is just like other browsers, but the extensions makes it more versatile and flexible. A group of extension can completely change the functionality of the browser. It is one of the biggest strengths of Chrome. Previously, we discussed about using chrome for image editing, customizing gmail functionality, distraction free writing and much more. Today I’ve come with a new set of extensions to help the teachers. There  are hundreds of apps available in the web store for teachers, I’ve hand picked few best of them and listed here.

Go Animate For Schools

Animations are one of the best ways to make children easily understand and listen to the classes. Using professional tools to create animations is not possible for everyone. Go Animate for Schools is a simple extension to let you make animation videos with just a drag and drop. You can add voice and text to your animation easily using the extension. Also it lets you add your own music, background, etc. The interface is very simple and easy to understand. If you don’t have a microphone, you can use the text-to-speech convert tool for voice.

go animate for schools

Presentation Remote

Presentation Remote is a very useful tool not only for teachers, also for anyone who conduct presentations. It lets you use your Smartphone as a presentation control tool to change slides during the presentation. Once you install the application, it will show a QR Code to download the app to your Smartphone. Either you are connected to the same network to a different network, the app will work smoothly. Right now it supports iOS and Android devices. It can control the presentations in Google Drive, Scribd, Dropbox, Slide Share and Prezi.

Learn Boost

Learn Boost is an all-in-one extension for teachers. It lets the mentors to maintain grades, attendance, lesson plans and reports of students in a single place. The Gradebook of the extension is completely customizable. It will be helpful for teachers who are handling multiple classes, they can maintain all their details separately in a single place. It integrates with your Google account and lets you access all those data from anywhere on the web. Also, it will convert the reports into different charts to quickly analyze the progress of a student or a class.

Daum Equation Editor

The Daum Equation Editor is for both students and teachers who deal with equations everyday. It lets you create formulas in just seconds. For different math problems you can input formulas with the help of a latex text editor. It lets you customize the size of formulas and save the equations to your PC and Google drive as image files. It lets you organize all your formulas in a single place and gives an option to quickly recall before your exams.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is one of the popular extensions for teachers to monitor the behavior of students in the class. You can add positive and negative behaviors of the students in a separate category and assign those behaviors to each one of them. Based on the positive and negative behaviors they got, points will be increased or decreased. It has a very simple interface and easy to understand. You can create different sections to enter all your students names of different classes and maintain their records separately.

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class dojo

These are the five best chrome extensions for mentors. If you know any useful extensions for mentors, please share with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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