5 Best Chrome Extensions For Gmail Users

Gmail is one of the most used email services on the Internet. The new Gmail interface gives an organized environment than before. It is a powerful mail application by default, but there are many extensions out there to enhance the user experience and add more options to Gmail. Apart from the default features, you can add more features to your Gmail application using these Chrome extensions. We’ve reviewed many extensions related to Gmail, today I’ve come with a collection of apps to improve your productivity. Lets have a look at those apps below.

MxHero Toolbox

MxHero Toolbox is an all-in-one extension for Chrome. It brings some of the great features to your Gmail account. Using this extension, you can send a self destructing email to anyone. The mail will be automatically deleted once it is opened. Track all the emails you send by when they have opened the email, how many times the mail was accessed and what are the mails didn’t get a reply. Keep a reminder for the emails you are expecting a reply and protect all the other recipient email ids in a group mail with the help of this extension.


Kloudless quickly connect your Gmail account with all the popular Cloud Services. When you receive an attachment in a mail, you can quickly upload that to your Cloud account, using this extension. Right now it supports Dropbox, box and Google drive. Instead of doing it manually, you can set the rules and the app will automatically upload all the attachments to the selected Cloud service. Also attach files from your Cloud service, with a password when you send the mail. It lets you organize all the files in a single place.

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Checker Plus For Gmail

It is a must have extension for people who have multiple Gmail accounts. You can enable/disable desktop notifications for all the mails you receive. It lets you check all the mails without opening your Gmail account. Compose, read, delete mails right from the extension window. When you click the mail preview, it will pop out as a separate window, it won’t take you to your Gmail account. If you don’t want all the mails, you can monitor or receive mails from a particular label of your Gmail account. Even your browser is closed, still you can receive the mail notifications.

Right Inbox For Gmail

Right Inbox is yet another useful extension for Gmail. It lets you schedule emails you need to send later. You can assign a particular date and time for the mail to be sent. Get a notification when the recipient opens your email. Use Gmail as a reminder, by sending a reminder mail to yourself. Also, when you are expecting for a reply to a mail, you can enable notification, if the receiver didn’t reply within the time you specify. If you are sending mail to a different time zone, instead of sending it in the middle of the night, the app will let you choose the appropriate time to deliver the email.


Gmelius will remove all the ads from your Gmail account. It will give a cleaner look as soon as you install this extension. The new compose window of Gmail is bit fussy sometimes. For people who are using Gmail for a long time, it is quite difficult to understand the new options. This extension will bring back the old compose window in your Gmail account. It lets you print the emails clearly than the normal printing view given by Gmail. Also, you can customize the chat options, Gmail header and much more using the settings of the extension.

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These are the five best extensions for Gmail users to enhance the user experience. Please let me know if I’ve missed  any of you favorite extensions for Gmail. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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