5 Best Chrome Extensions For YouTube Lovers

YouTube is one of the most used video sharing services on the Internet. You can broadcast your videos to millions of people in just a click. Also plenty of useful channels were available for learning and entertainment. You can learn music, arts, photography and a lot more right from your desk. Today, many featured channels became partner with YouTube and they get paid for the number of views. Compared to other browsers, Chrome has many extensions to customize your experience on YouTube. Today I’ve hand picked the few best apps in that and listed below.


YouTweak adds more options to customize your experience on YouTube. Once you install the extension, it will add an option to remove the watched videos from your YouTube account. It lets you explore more new videos and you can restore the watched videos at any time you want. Also, you can remove the videos from your subscribed channels using this extension. Some of the featured videos and channels were repeatedly suggested by YouTube, those things can be removed using this extension. Another interesting tweak is, you can make the YouTube icon to redirect you to any custom URL you define in the extension. Read the full review of this extension here.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn off the lights is one of  the most popular extensions for Chrome. It will make other areas dark except the video player and gives a cinematic experience while watching a video. Every time you don’t need to go full screen mode to enjoy the video. This extension will give the same effect in a small player. You can quickly toggle between the dark and normal modes using the extension icon in the URL bar. Choose different colors and opacity for fading the background and shortcuts are available to quickly enable/disable it.

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turn off lights

AdBlock For  YouTube

AdBlock For YouTube is a must have extension for all the YouTube users. Google introduced those annoying video ads last year. Some of the ads will have an option to skip after five seconds, but some video ads will play till the end. This extension will completely block those text ads and video ads play when you watch videos. You can easily enable or disable those ads in the Settings of the extension. It works perfectly and you can read the full review of this extension here.


Magic Actions For YouTube

Magic Actions For YouTube is yet another awesome extension for YouTube lovers. It brings in a lot of tweaks to your YouTube application. It is an all-in-one app, which brings most of the popular features available on different extensions. It blocks both normal and video ads, dark the background while watching video, auto HD feature, volume control using mouse scroll and much more. It lets you view and delete your watch history, hide annotations automatically and plenty of tweaks will be available in the extension to enhance your YouTube experience.

YouTube Ratings Preview

Sometimes when we see a title of the video, it will say something interesting or unusual, but when we watch the video it will be totally a crap. To avoid this, YouTube Ratings Preview will show the positive and negative ratings in the thumbnail of the video. Positive thumbs up will be shown in green and negative ratings will be shown in red. So, even a video has an interesting title, the app won’t let you waste time for a useless video. Also, by placing the cursor on the bar you can see the percentage of positive and negative ratings in the thumbnail.

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youtube ratingsThese are the few best chrome extensions for YouTube, if I’ve missed any of your favorite apps please let me know in the comments. Also share your views about these apps in the comments. Thansk for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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