Writer Duet Makes Collaborative Writing Easier Than Before

When multiple authors are writing a document or a book, these collaborative writing apps will help them to easily discuss their ideas. Especially when they are in different places, these apps will help them to work in a single place. Any number of people can share the screen and start working together with these apps. Previously, I wrote about a collaborative writing app called “Editorially“, which gives a great platform for shared writing between different authors. Today I’ve come with a similar application called “Writer Duet”, with much more features for collaborative writing.


First, you need to sign up with your email id, to start with the application. Once you complete the registration process, you will be redirected to the homepage. There you can see a text editing window with all the options on the top. There will be different sections to  add various files to your document. All the text formatting options like Font, Margins, etc., will be available. You can upload or download documents in various formats like PDF, Celtex, Word, etc. Create a cover page or title page with your own image or text easily using the “Title By Author” option.


Track and review the changes made by different authors right from the document using “Review Changes” option in the top panel. It helps you to see the different revisions of the same document and changes made on different days by the authors. Add small notes to a page or a paragraph, to say something about the change you’ve made. It has an inbuilt spelling and grammar checker to proof read your document. Also, switch to full screen mode for distraction free writing.

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Click the “Settings” icon at the last to access some of the additional options like page  size, shortcuts, display and formatting options and much more. Also, you can  enable notifications in the same window for different changes made by other authors in the document. Authors who are in online or currently editing the document will be displayed in the right side panel. In the background of the document page, you have different options with description available. Click the icon of those options to access it. It lets you text chat, group chat or video chat with your fellow team members.

Watch the video tutorial above to know more about the application. If you are looking for a free Collaborative writing tool, you can definitely try Writer Duet. Share your experience with the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with  your friends.

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