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Compared to any other file sharing options, Torrents are one of the most used way of downloading large files. The peer-to-peer connectivity enables an option to download the file by any number of people at the same time. Also, the resume capability is more trusted than the other file sharing methods. No matter what the file type or file size is, you can download the file until it has someone to seed. Today all the games, movies, applications, etc., were downloaded from torrent and that’s why we have many torrent search engines and client applications were available. Today I’ve come with one such extension for Chrome called “BitTorrent Surf”.

You can download the app from Chrome web store using the link at the end of this post. Once you complete the installation, it will take you to the instructions page, where you can see all the features and functions of the app. Next it will ask you to select the default search engine you want to use for the torrent search. After completing it, you will taken to the “Search Settings”. There you can enable or disable the “Internet Archive” and “Bittorent Featured Content”.

After customizing the settings, you will be redirected to the “Search and Download” page of the extension. The window will be divided into two sections. The search bar will be available on the top and the download section will be on the bottom. Type the keyword in the search bar and press enter to initiate the search. Choose files from the search results and start downloading.

To access download preferences, click the “Options” button in the download section. In that, you can change the downloads folder and change the file sharing or seeding options. Instead of having a separate app for downloading torrents, you can have this extension right in your browser to quickly download the files. BitTorrent Surf is also available for Firefox. Try the extension in your browsers and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download BitTorrent Surf for Chrome



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