5 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

Compared to other leading browsers, Chrome has many apps and extensions available for developers. Especially for web development, there are many tools available in the Chrome web store to improve the productivity. Some of the premium application features are available in these extensions for free. From coding to final testing, you can do it with the help of these extensions. There are plenty of extensions available, so I’ve handpicked few best extensions and discussed below.

Web Developer

Web Developer is a must have extension for all the developers. It is an all-in-one extension, which contains all the necessary tools for a developer. Once you install the extension, you can see the web developer icon near to the URL bar, where you can access all the tools. It has options to work with cookies, CSS, Forms and much more from a single window. Edit Java Script, CSS, HTML, etc., and check the template response for different resolutions right from your browser.


Session Manager

Session Manager is a powerful tab managing extension for Chrome. It lets you quickly save and restore multiple tabs from your browser. Also, you can create different sessions for various time intervals, to quickly review and restore all tabs you have used by that time. Create different categories with your browser to save tabs. You can restore all the saved tabs in just a click. Also, you can use this extension to read your favorite articles or stories later by saving them in your browser.

session manager

Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 is a coding application for Chrome. You can edit, run and debug your coding right from the extension. It is a lightweight application, which occupies very less memory and the processing speed is pretty fast. Syntax suggestion will be available for more than 45 languages and it also supports TextMate theming. It has live JavaScript syntax checking and code completion support. The built-in cloud storage will let you carry your code, wherever you go. Just log into your account and start working anywhere on the web.

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Techsmith Snag it

A powerful screenshot tool is essential for all the developers. Snagit is one of the popular screen capturing tools for various platforms. The same features are available in the app for Chrome. It has various options to screen capture an entire webpage or the part of a page instantly right from your browser. Also, Snagit’s desktop app for Chrome, will let you edit the pictures as soon as you took the screenshot. It is one of the widely used screen capture tools by many professionals.

PostMan Rest Client

PostMan Rest Client is a very useful app for people who work with APIs. The interface of the app is very simple and easy to understand. You have HTTP requests with support for uploading files. Also, it lets you open responses as HTML files in a new window. It has an inbuilt storage to save all your files and download them to share with your friends and team members. It lets you quickly do the job with the help of different keyboard shortcuts for all the functions in the application. 

These are the five important extensions for web developers to improve their productivity. If I’ve missed any of your favorite apps, please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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