Privacy Palette: Ensure Browsing Security in 5 Different Ways [Google Chrome]

Privacy Palette is an excellent browser extension for Google Chrome. When installed, the extension provides you with shortcuts from its interface that help you quickly remove files, browser history, and more.

Privacy Palette 6

Although all of the provided shortcuts are extremely helpful, I found the following 5 features of the app to be particularly useful:


1. Block Ads Selectively

There are various browser extensions available that let you block ads from the websites that you visit. However, not all of these tools let you whitelist sites for such ads.

Privacy Palette 1

With this extension you get a built-in ad blocking management tool that lets you effectively block ads on all sites except for the ones that you whitelist.


2. Shortcuts to Manage the Privacy Settings of Your Facebook and Google Accounts

Privacy Palette 2

Facebook changed its policy and you do not know where the settings page is anymore? If yes, then you need not worry. Because this extension provides you with native shortcuts to managing the privacy preferences of your Facebook as well as Google accounts.


3. A Quick Way to Clear All of Your Web Browsing History

Normally to clear the web browsing history in Google Chrome, you would have to first open the history page and delete the entries from there.

Privacy Palette 3.0

But with this application, you get a shortcut button that clears all of the recorded browser history with a simple mouse click.


4. Enable the HTTPS Protocol by Default

Are you concerned about your data being intercepted and misused online? If yes, then you should take the safer route by using the HTTPS protocol on websites.

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Privacy Palette 3.1

Through a setting in the extension’s preferences, you will be able to enable the HTTPS protocol by default for all websites and ensure that your data is made secure before it is transported online.


5. Remove the Data that is Stored Locally by Your Browser and Its Plug-ins

As you browse the internet and keep on using your browser’s extensions, there is a lot of data that gets stored on your machine. Manually looking for this data and then deleting it could become very time consuming. You can save a lot of time by using the built-in shortcuts provided by this extension.

Privacy Palette 5

One available shortcut lets you quickly delete the stored data whereas the other one lets you specifically delete the data stored by plug-ins.


As you can see, this nifty extension has a lot of features to offer. Google Chrome users, therefore, should definitely give this tool a try.

You can get Privacy Palette from over here.



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