PiXditor: A Simple User-Friendly Image Manipulation Web App

PiXditor is a free to use web app that helps people with editing and adding effects to their digital images. The application offers various effects along with the traditional editing effects such as cropping, to help you achieve your desired photo outcome.

To begin using the web service, you need only visit its homepage and point to the image that is locally stored on your computer. You will not need to sign up for any new accounts or register for anything – you can begin specifying your images right away. The left panel of the site is where you images appear. You can point the app to various images, one by one, and they will all appear in the interface’s left panel. To begin working on an image, click on it in the left panel and it shall be displayed in the center pane.

PiXditor 1

Once an image has been selected, a small section in the bottom right of the page will show thumbnail previews of various image filters when applied to the selected image. From these previous, it becomes easier to decide which image filter you would like to apply. When you want to apply a filter, click on the corresponding thumbnail preview.

PiXditor 2

As soon as you click on the preview, the respective image filter will be applied and the change will be reflected in the main image shown in the interface’s center pane.

PiXditor 3

The dimensions of the output image can be controlled from a dropdown that is situated in the right panel of the app’s interface. The dropdown lets you leave the image size as the original image’s size or select from various width pixel measurements. The aspect ratio is kept intact which is why the height pixel measurements are not displayed.

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PiXditor 4

Buttons that are located under the dimensions selection dropdown let you work with the image in traditional editing ways. For example, you can rotate your image, crop it, reflect it, or invert it using these buttons. The changes are reflected instantly in the app’s center pane.

PiXditor 5

When you are done with editing your image, you can save it locally. Note that you might have to edit the filename of the output and manually append “.jpg” to it.

And in this simple way, PiXditor lets you edit your images in various ways and then download them and use them wherever you like.

You can get PiXditor from over here.



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