Use Twitter As A Control Center For Other Popular Web Apps Using CtrlTwit

Compared to other social networks, Twitter has many client applications and supporting tools available. Also, we have many browser extensions and mobile apps were available to enhance the user experience in Twitter. It is because of the instant update of world happenings and all the trending stories on the web. Today I’ve come with another interesting web app called “CtrlTwit” for Twitter, which lets you control few popular web apps from your Twitter application. You can send commands from your Twitter account to perform an action in another web app. Here’s how to do it.


To start with CtrlTwit, you don’t need to create an account. All you have to do is, just send a tweet with appropriate  keywords to perform the action. For instance, if you find an interesting YouTube link in your Twitter timeline and want to subscribe to that channel, just reply to that tweet as “@Youtube Subscribe #CtrlTwit”. Pretty cool, isn’t it? CtrlTwit lets you do five more action in five different web apps.


On Dropbox, you can check, how much space left by sending “@Dropbox how much space left? #CtrlTwit”. All you have to do is, just log into the particular web app, you want to perform the action. Right now CtrlTwit supports Dropbox, Instagram, Pocket, YouTube, Meetup and YouTube. In Instagram, you can like any picture from your Twitter timeline using the link. If you find any interesting link on your Twitter timeline, instantly save that to your “Pocket App” using CtrlTwit.


Find a new or a nearby place in FourSquare and reply to any Meetup link in your timeline with “Yes, No or Maybe” using the commands. As of now, the supporting web apps are limited, you can suggest your favorite web apps to CtrlTwit developers on their website. If you spend more time with Twitter, this app will help you to perform actions on other web apps without leaving your timeline.

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Check commands for other apps on their website. You don’t need to download or install any app to do this, anyone on Twitter can easily perform all these actions from their timeline. Try the new CtrlTwit feature in your Twitter account and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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