Download USB FireWall to Block Programs & Viruses Auto Launching from USB Drive

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USB & Flash Drives have become a new medium of virus and spyware infection. You may keep extreme care of your USB drive but when you share it with your friends and co-workers it may get infected with viruses. The big issue with USB drives is most of the virus infection is due to auto launching application and programs from USB drive.

As soon as you connect USB or Flash drive to your computer you get infected with USB viruses. Here is one small free utility USB FireWall for windows users to protect from USB viruses. USB FireWall blocks all virus and other willful programs that try to spread in your system when an USB device is inserted.

USB Firewall runs in background task and alerts you immediately when any program attempting to launch automatically. You can stop the program and delete the file associated with. USB FireWall doesn’t need any virus definition update.

USB FireWall can also clean your hard disk partition from auto launched application. You can remove the malicious file and the file autorun.inf associated with just one click.

Screenshot of USB FireWall 1.1.3

USB FireWall 1.1.3.

Download USB FireWall 1.1.3 and stay safe from USB Viruses.

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