How to Learn English Words Easily with ‘Vocabla’

If you are a non-native English user, then using the internet might have made you want to expand your English vocabulary. Now you can do so easily with a site called Vocabla.

Vocabla is a free to use web service that helps non-native English speakers learn new English words. The website lets you easily add new words to various lists. You can use these lists for different purposes and memorize the words in them for various situations.

To begin using the web service, you will need to sign up for an account. This can be done by providing an email address and setting up a password. Alternatively, you can log into the site with your Facebook account. Once you have signed in, you can begin adding new words simply by typing them. You can add English words or you can type in the words from your own language; numerous languages are supported including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Vocabla 0

The word you add is detected and quickly shown up along with its translation.

Vocabla 1

This word can then be added to new lists that you create which you can access any time.

Vocabla 3

In addition to your own lists, you can access numerous lists provided on the website. These lists are quite random and can often be very helpful such as the SAT exam vocabulary list.

Vocabla 4

The site encourages interaction between its users. You can ‘follow’ other Vocabla users to keep up with their updates.

Vocabla 5

The abovementioned updates can be accessed from a page that resembles the Facebook newswire – a place where you can catch up with what is going on with the people that you follow.

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Vocabla 6

On the right panel of this page you find your own progress on the website. After a particular progress level is reached, which is measured by the number of words you have learned, you can earn various badges.

Vocabla 7

In addition to its web interface, the app offers further tools to make itself more accessible. The first of these tools is a browser app for Google Chrome. The Chrome app shows up notifications on top of the System Tray.

Vocabla 8

Furthermore, the app provides phone apps for smart devices running on iOS or Android. The function of these apps is to let you fully control your Vocabla account in various ways.

Vocabla 9

In conclusion, Vocabla is an excellent and accessible web service that helps non-native English speakers effectively learn new English words.

You can check out Vocabla by clicking over here.



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