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Rapidshare plus and Rapidshare Auto downloader are some of free rapidshare download manager which we have reviewed over here. If you search for free rapidshare premium account & password on google I am sure you will find many websites and blogs offering premium account with passwords.

The list of this premium rapidshare account could be huge & its time consuming to manually check for any working premium rapidshare account. Don’t you think automating task of checking for valid premium rapidshare account will save our lot of time and energy ? Well then here is Rapidshare Plus ACCRapidshare Premium Account Checker developed by aline333.

Rapidshare Plus ACC is Rapidshare Premium Account checker for You just need to fetch the list of username and passwords separated by comma or newline and rest of task will be done by Rapidshare Plus ACC.

Rapidshare Plus ACC automatically tests all the usernames, passwords in the list with an interval of
standard 10 seconds but its adjustable.

Screenshot of Rapidshare Plus ACC – Rapidshare Premium Account Checker

Rapidshare Plus ACC - Rapidshare Premium Account Checker

Download RapidShare Plus ACC and instantly check for working Rapidshare Premium Accounts.

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