Use your keyboard to control the mouse cursor with NeatMouse

There are times when it is difficult to use a mouse with sufficient accuracy. Whether you normally have problems using a mouse or not, you may find it tricky to make miniscule movements when making selections or performing other actions. This is whether NeatMouse can help.

This handy tool is a mouse emulator that can be used to control the mouse with your keyboard. It’s a simple idea, but it’s amazing just what a difference it can make. You can download a free copy of the app from the NeatDecision website.

Once downloaded, run through the installation and get NeatMouse up and running. During the installation you are given the option of running the program in portable mode, but for now we’ll stick with the standard installation.


There are a few settings to look at here, but perhaps the first options that should be ticked are Minimize on startup and Start with emulation activated. You can then click in each of the settings boxes in turn and select which keyboard key you would like to use to emulate different mouse buttons and movements.


You may find that it is easiest to use the arrow keys, but you can opt to use any button you prefer. You may not want to have keyboard control enabled at all time, so you should choose the keyboard shortcut that can be used to toggle it on and off.

There are countless uses for NeatMouse, but it is a great help when aiming for pinpoint accuracy in image editing.

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