Create and Organize Group Tasks Easily Using Groupiful

Task Management is one of the important part of our day to day activities. Balancing all your personal and professional tasks is definitely not an easy job. We’ve written about many task management applications for web and mobile devices. It helps you to finish the tasks on time and helps you organize it easily. Instead of confusing with which one to do first, task managing apps give the priority of tasks and lets you complete the important ones first. Today I’ve come with one such task managing app called “Groupiful”, which is an excellent tool for managing tasks for a group of people.


Groupiful has both free and premium accounts. You can continue as a free user as long as you need. For first ten groups you won’t be charged, if you want to create more than that, you need to upgrade your account. To start with Groupiful, first you have to sign up with your email id. Once you complete the registration process, you will redirected to the dashboard. There you can a bunch of boxes with category names. Select the “Create Group” option in the middle to start with the application. You will be redirected to another window, where you have to give the group title and description.


You can make your group public or private, to the other members on Groupiful. In a public group, anyone can join, but for private groups, the manager has to approve the person for connection. Next, you have to select the default role of the members you are adding to the group. Either you can make the member as a viewer or a publisher. The viewer can only view the contents updated, but publisher can access and modify the content. So, choose the role of a user carefully. That’s all, click “Create” button at the end and your new group will be available in the dashboard.

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The group name should be unique, so that other members can easily identify the group. The app will let you know if there is an existing group with that name. Now your group will be available in the dashboard, click that to open your group. In the group window, you have options to add tasks, notes, events and files. All the activities of other users will be available in the middle timeline. Also you can post updates in your timeline for making a common announcement.


All the options and settings for the group will be available in the top menu bar. If you are having a startup or want to maintain all your personal activities with your family members, Groupiful will definitely help you out. Try the new task managing app and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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