5 Best Apps To Find Your Lost Android Devices

Mobile theft or losing the device has become so common these days. No matter how careful we are, a small carelessness can make us lose our device. Most of the times, we will keep our phone somewhere and forget the place. If it is silent mode, then it’s very tough to find it. Today I’ve come with a list of apps to find the stolen or lost Android devices. It will help you track the location of your device as soon as possible. If you can’t track the location, to the least it will give you an option to delete all your data remotely. Lets have a look at the apps below.

Where’s My Droid

Where’s my droid is one of the popular security apps for Android. It is a free app, which has plenty of features to track down your device quickly. The first useful option is, it can make your phone ring even it’s on Silent. So if you have kept somewhere in your house, it lets you find it easily. Track the lost phones using GPS, when it is connected to the Internet. You can take pictures of a person, using the device’s camera. It will notify if someone changes the SIM Card. Remotely lock or wipe all the data in your device from the app manager.

where's my droid

Android lost

Android Lost is yet another excellent security app to find the lost devices. Just like Where’s my droid, you can track the device using GPS, remotely lock device, wipe data and much more from your PC. Send a text from androidlost.com, which will speak in your lost android device. Take pictures with a front and rear camera remotely. Record and hear the sounds in device’s microphone and start/stop the WiFi, GPS and data connection remotely. Also, you can read the sent and received text message, track phone calls and much more with the help of this application.

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android lost


Anti-Theft is a premium application from Avast, which comes with limited options for free users. It can track down the phone’s location and make the device to send the location to your Avast account. Remotely track calls, text messages, activates microphone, camera and all the security features are available. Setup SIM Card change notification to another one of your devices, so that no one changes the SIM Card without your knowledge. You can activate stealth mode remotely the device and the anonymous person will not be notified that you are remotely tracking the device.

anti theft

Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager is Google’s native application. It lets you track the device using Google Maps. All you have to do is, just log in to your play store account and start tracking the device using its GPS. Compared to other apps, the location information will be more accurate in this application. It lets you remotely reset the home screen Pin number or Pattern lock from your PC. If you can’t track the device, erase all phone memory and card storage using this application.

android device manager

Plan B

Plan B is a security add-on from the Lookout Security app. Once you install the app, if your phone is lost or stolen, you can trigger the phone’s location and receive in your Gmail address. From any device just send a text “locate” to track your device’s location. After you send the text, location information will be tracked continuously for 10 minutes to confirm whether the device is stationary or moving. Location details will be sent only to your Gmail account, so no one track you or misuse the app.

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plan b




If I’ve missed any of your favorite android apps to find the lost devices please let me know. Try your favorite apps from the list and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share  this post with your friends.



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