How to disable UAC in Windows 8.1

The User Account Control has been an annoyance to Windows users over the past few versions of the operating system. It’s a box that pops up frequently when you go to install an application. It’s for your own good and perhaps most users should not ignore this warning, as what they are doing could be a recipe for disaster.

But experienced users may find it beneficial to disable this “feature”. There are all sort of warnings I should post with these instructions, but I’ll trust that if you read a tech blog then you at least have a bit of sense about what you are doing and the possible ramifications of the action.

So, if you are using the latest iteration of the Microsoft operating system then here is the easiest way to carry out the task of disabling the UAC.

To get started, head to the Charms menu — you can access this by moving your mouse or finger to the top or bottom corner of the right side of the screen. Click on “Search” and type “uac”.


The sought after object should be the top result — “Change User Account Control settings”. There are four degrees of settings for this, and by default it is set up to number three, which is “Notify me when apps try to make changes to my computer”.


You can choose where you would like drag the bar to, but all the way to the bottom is where you can disable all notifications. That’s all there is to it. Click “OK” and you’ll be all done.

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