5 Best Screen Capturing Extensions For Chrome

In Windows, Mac and Linux we have default screen capturing tools, but there will not be any special features or editor in the application. It simply captures the screen and let you crop the unwanted areas. Many free third party apps have plenty of features and has an inbuilt editor to instantly edit the screenshots. Also, many free screen capturing tools have options equal to the professional tools. So, you don’t need to spend money for a good screen capturing tool in your device. Today I’ve come with a list of free screen capturing tools for Chrome. The list is as follows.


Clipular is one of the popular Screen capturing tools for Chrome. It is more than a screen capturing extension, which lets you take screenshots and keep that as bookmarks in your browser. Instead of saving text links in your bookmarks, you can capture the entire web page or the part you need and save it in your browser. Also, you can share the screenshots to your social accounts right from the extension. When you take a screenshot, it will also keep a record of source links, page titles, etc. Screenshots will be automatically saved in your account in Clipular.com.


Webpage Screenshot Capture

Webpage Screenshot Capture is a powerful extension for Chrome. It has all the features of premium screen capturing apps. You can take a screenshot, save, print or share it immediately right from the application. It offers unlimited storage for saving screenshots and it is completely secured. Quickly blur the area you don’t need and convert the screenshots into PDF using the extension. It lets you save the images to your PC or Google drive instantly and share the images via Gmail, Facebook, etc.

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Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is one of the featured and most used screen capturing tools in Google Chrome. You can capture a whole web page or part of page and edit it right from the extension. One of the important features in the app is, you can draw circles, rectangle, arrows. etc.., to highlight text or anything in your screenshot. Either save the screenshot to your PC or upload it to awesomescreenshot.com and get a link to share the image. It also supports Google drive and Gmail attachments for saving your screenshots.

awesome screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot is yet another awesome screen capturing tool for Chrome. It is a simple extension but has different options to capture screens in a webpage. Either you can capture the complete web page or the part of a web page using different options in the extension. It has an excellent image editor to quickly edit your images and save or share them. It lets you save the image to your PC or in the Nimbus website to get a sharing link. Read the full review of this application here.


Lightshot Screenshot Tool

Lighshot is quite different from other screen capturing tools. It can capture the screens of a video, flash animations and Java apps. Similar to other extensions, you can upload the images to Lightshot’s website and get a link to share them with your friends. Another additional option in this extension is, you can do image search on Google using the screenshots you take. The only drawback of this extension is, it will work only on Windows machines.

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If I’ve missed any of your favorite screen capturing tools for Chrome please let me know. Try your favorite apps from the list and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share  this post with your friends.



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