Flutter brings gesture control to media in Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser continues to become more innovative, thanks in part to its Chrome OS counterpart. And what Google has not added, third-party developers have. The extension we are looking at today falls into that latter category. This one brings some rather unique functionality to the browser.

Flutter for Chrome is an extension that allows you to control your media using hand-gestures that are picked up by your web-cam. The developer refers to its service as “Kinect for your computer”.

Once installed, the extension will allow to control media playing in any tab, even if its not the current tab you are on. In other words, it can work with background media.


This will work with both music and videos and supported services include YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Grooveshark, iTunes, Netflix, and more.

You’ll need to learn the proper gestures, including holding a hand straight up to play or pause the current media, a thumb pointing left or right allows you skip to the next or previous file. The extension has no options, so what you see is what you get.



If you want even more functionality, such as working with desktop apps like Spotify or VLC Player, there is a desktop version of the app available for Windows. It’s also free. The Windows version has been around for a bit, but the Chrome extension is relatively new, having just been released a couple of weeks ago.

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