Read Later Fast: Save HTML and Text Versions of Webpages for Offline Reading [Chrome]

Read Later Fast is an excellent Google Chrome extension that lets you quickly store pages offline for reading later. The application provides a shortcut in the browser’s context menu to send the current webpage or a link you right click on to your ‘read later’ list. The app stores the page in the same step and then provides you with the ability to check out your saved articles regardless of your internet connectivity.

To begin using this great tool, install it from its Chrome extensions page. After the extension has been installed, right click anywhere on an open webpage; the resulting context menu will have one new option titled ‘Read Later’. Clicking on this option will send the current webpage to your Read Later list.

Read Later Fast 1

If you want, you can quickly send links to the Read Later list without opening them first. To do this, right click on a hyperlink and select the ‘Read this link later’ option from the resulting context menu.

Read Later Fast 2

When you want to access the links that you have saved for reading later, open up Chrome’s “Apps” page. Here you will find a shortcut to the extension, along with shortcuts to other Chrome apps.

Read Later Fast 3

Doing so will open up Read Later Fast’s interface. The left pane lets you switch between list of active entries and the list of archived entries. In the center pane, article titles that have bold text are ones that you have not opened. In the top left corner you will find an option to sync your articles with your Diigo account so your articles can be accessed from any Chrome browser that have the extension installed.

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Read Later Fast 4

To read an article, simply click on its title. The regular HTML view of the article will be loaded in a popup that is overlaid on top of the extension’s interface. Options available in the top left of this popup let you quickly switch between the article’s HTML view and plain text view.

Read Later Fast 5

In the top right corner of this popup, you will find options to archive the article, to delete it, to open it in a new browser tab, or to look for similar links using SimilarSites.

Read Later Fast 6

Along with helping you read articles later, the app also helps find similar products to the ones that you are shopping for online. However this option needs to be manually enabled in the app’s preferences.

Read Later Fast 7

As you can see, this tiny extension helps you easily save articles for conveniently reading them later.

You can get Read Later Fast from here.



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