How To Lock Apps Individually Using Passcode or Patterns In Android?

Even though Smartphones are protected with patterns and passcode, still people can access all the apps, if your phone is unlocked. Apps installed in the device have all our personal data like text messages, photos, mails, card details, etc. So, to protect our privacy it is important to take care of our device from the prying eyes. Our data can be misused or our important accounts can be hacked with the help of our Smartphones. To avoid all these things, today I’ve come with a new application called “App Lock” for Android devices.

App Lock protects each and every app with a passcode or pattern lock. Even if someone knows your home screen pattern, they can’t access installed apps, if you’ve locked that particular application. Here’s how to do it.


App Lock is a free application, you can download it from the Google Play Store. Once you install the application, it will show you the default password “7777” to unlock the app. On the homepage you can see three options on the top with three different categories below. Also, you have two more options at the bottom of the screen. By default, the first button on the top will be in red, it shows the app is currently inactive and no apps were protected in your device. The Second “Key” shaped icon, lets you choose the “Lock Type, Password, Password hint, etc.”


The next option “Menu” has all the settings of the application. You can enable/disable the service over there. Also, it lets you customize the notification bar, unlocking limit, lock settings, etc. One of the important options in “Settings” is the “Remote Control Lock”. It lets you completely lock your phone via Text message remotely. This option will be very helpful, if you have lost your mobile. Also, you can unlock the device remotely using a keyword in the text message.

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In the three categories below, the first one “App Lock” will show what are all the installed apps are protected by the application. To add an application, tap “ADD” button in the bottom  menu, it will show all the installed apps on your device, you can choose from that. Next category “Screen” will let you add apps like e-book readers to awake screen for a long time, until you turn off. Last category “Rotation” will turn off auto-rotate for specific apps on your device. You can access “Settings” of all these three categories in the bottom menu bar.


It is a must have application for people who have personal information like credit card details, business documents, bank transactions, etc. It improves the privacy in your device. Hit the link below to try this app in your Android devices and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

Download App Lock For Android



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