Google Now comes to Chrome, here’s how to enable it

Google Now is a firm part of Android, and has become increasingly more functional. It tells you how long it takes to get home when you are out, gives you the latest score for your favorite sports team, even let’s you know of interesting things around you when you are out and about.

Now the search giant is experimenting with adding this functionality to its web browser. In the past, we’ve seen the “OK Google” functionality brought to Chrome via an extension, now things are getting even better.

You’ll need to be running Chrome Canary (its in more stable builds, but doesn’t go as far) to try this out — that’s the experimental build of the web browser, so expect possible hiccups when using it. However, Canary can run side by side with a more stable build of the browser, so you won’t need to rely on it as your daily internet surfing app.

Once you have the newest build of Canary installed, you will need to head into the settings — the easiest way is the tap the URL bar and type chrome://flags/#enable-google-now.


You’ll get a long list of options, but the above text takes you directly to the right one. There is a drop-down box beneath it, which is set to default. Tap on it, and set to “Enable”. You will need to relaunch the browser once the change is made.

The notifications icon in your system tray will now begin popping up the familiar cards that you’ve grown used to on your mobile device.

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It’s early days, and only a few cards are available, but you can expect to get some notifications once this has been set up. It’s a simple process, but not something that is readily apparent unless you go searching for these experimental features, which the average user likely doesn’t do.



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