How to use less data in Chrome for Android and iOS

The ability to access the internet on the move is incredibly useful, but it can also end up becoming expensive. Depending on your mobile tariff, you could pay a great deal to access websites on a data connection, so anything that can be done to reduce the amount of data that is used is to be welcomed.

The most obvious way to reduce data usage is to use the internet less, but where’s the fun in that?! The latest version of Chrome for iOS and Android have another option — data compression. This feature can be accessed via a new setting and you might want to consider enabling it.

On your phone or tablet, click Settings and then move to the Bandwidth management section. Tap Reduce data usage and then enable the setting.


If you return to this section of settings, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the amount of data you are saving. There is also the pleasing side-effect that enabling the feature will route your web traffic through Google’s servers, putting into place additional security checks.

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