‘Anti Tracks’ Cleans Up Internet Traces and Windows Files in 6 Significant Ways

Anti Tracks is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with computers which are running the Windows OS. The function of the application is to help PC users clean the traces left by their internet usage. But in addition to this primary function, the app offers various other tools that help you ‘tidy up’ your computer. For example, you can search for duplicate files, save your passwords, and set up a ‘panic key’ to quickly shut down or hide certain applications.

The abovementioned features might be offered by other tools as well; however, Anti Tracks packages all of these features together and adds a much needed user friendliness to them.

While using the app, I found a 6 significant features that makes it stand out from the competition. Check out these reasons below:


1. Erase Selectively

There are numerous desktop apps out there that let you quickly clean all temporary files on your PC. But there are scenarios in which you would want to save the cookies of your primary browser while deleting the cookies of your secondary browsers. Similarly, there are other temporary files that you would wish to remove but selectively.

Anti Tracks 1

With Anti Tracks you can choose which files to remove of each installed web browser. Similar cleaning options are offered for Windows files, Plugins, Junk Mail, and more.


2. Disk Cleaner

The application offers a built in disk cleaner that includes a bunch of disk cleanup tools. To access the tools, simply hover the mouse pointer over the ‘Disk Cleaner’ option in the app’s main window. This will reveal the corresponding disk cleanup tools.

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Anti Tracks 2

This list of tools includes a junk files cleaner, a duplicate files remover, a broken shortcuts cleaner, an empty folders cleaner, and a disk wiper.


3. A Built In Passwords Diary

We use an increasing number of web services every day. For each new account created, the best practice is to set a new password. But when the passwords become too numerous, it becomes difficult to keep a track of them. With Anti Tracks however, the task becomes much easier because there is a built in passwords diary.

Anti Tracks 3

You can add a password for a variety of accounts such as a website account. Along with the regular information, you can check out your password’s strength and its expiration date.


4. Generating Disposable Emails

While trying out a new web service, it is best to use a disposable email address because you never know which sites will send you spam emails. Normally, you would head to a disposable email creation web service to get a disposable email ID but with Anti Tracks, you can create disposable email addresses from right within the app.

Anti Tracks 4

Along with selecting the username for the disposable email address, you can also select the password and the validity period of the address.


5. A Custom Panic Key

The application lets you set various panic keys for different groups of application windows.

Anti Tracks 5

This lets you quickly hide a different set of windows according to the type of crowd that is around.


6. System Management Tools

Anti Tracks offers numerous management tools that helps you analyze disk space usage, uninstall applications, manage startup apps, and create a backup of your system.

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Anti Tracks 6

These tools can be found be found in the ‘Tools’ section in the app’s main window.


As you can see, the above features make Anti Tracks a must-have app for PC users. Regularly using the app will clean up the temporary files clutter and also erase internet usage traces from your PC. Along with the abovementioned features, the app offers additional tools in its Premium package that costs $29.95.

You can get Anti Tracks from over here.



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  1. The lite version is free, only the premium version costs $29.95, do agree that lite version may not have all the features that premium will provide.

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