5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Experience with ‘Social Fixer’

Are you bored of using the same Facebook for a very long time? If yes, then you should check out a browser tool called Social Fixer.

Social Fixer is a browser extension that comes for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera; the extension also comes as script that can be run through GreaseMonkey. The app adds numerous features and interface enhancements to Facebook that shall improve your overall Facebook experience. The following are the top 5 reason why you should be using this amazing tool:


1. Quick Shortcut Tabs on Your Newsfeed

Social Fixer for Facebook 01

You see numerous posts on your Facebook newsfeed. These posts can sometimes reappear when newer comments have been posted on them. Social Fixer adds easily accessible tabs on top of the newsfeed that let you mark all posts as read. You can optionally mute all posts so you are not notified about them. The newsfeed section can be reloaded through the ‘Reload’ button and posts that were previously hidden can be easily revealed. Of course any actions you take can easily be undone using the ‘Undo’ button.

There are further options available that let you hide the posts which you have already read. This way you can quickly check out only those posts which you have not seen before.


2. Display Enlarged Previews of Small Image in a Small Hovering Popup

Social Fixer for Facebook 02

You have already come across extensions that let you magnify the image your mouse pointer is hovering over. Somehow, these extensions come for all sites but Facebook. Now thanks to Social Fixer, the same feature can be enjoyed by Facebook users as well. You can enable this option during the app’s setup or later on from the app’s preferences. With the feature enabled, you are able to view enlarged image previews simply by placing your mouse pointer over them.

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In addition to this, the app offers a couple of other really useful image features. For example, you can optionally disable the theater view of images – one Facebook ‘enhancement’ which I am sure many users will gladly opt out of.


3. Make Timelines of User Profiles and Fan Pages Appear in a Single Column

Social Fixer for Facebook 03

Over the years, Facebook has undergone some major interface changes. Old users of Facebook would prefer to bring back the old interface, to a degree. With Social Fixer, this can be easily accomplished by removing elements from the new Facebook interface. For example, you can choose to view the profile and page timeline content all under a single column. You can further opt out of loading the cover photo, friends box, and check-in maps that clutter people’s Facebook profiles.


4. Anonymize the Names of People Before You take Screenshots

Imagine this: you just checked out your boss’s profile and a funny conversion there caught your eye. You would like to take a screenshot of the conversation and share it online – perhaps on 9GAG – but it would not be wise to post screenshots that reveal your boss’s name or his / her friends’ names. Thankfully, this problem is effectively solved by Social Fixer through its anonymizing functionality.

Social Fixer for Facebook 04

This feature lets you quickly replace profile pictures with an “empty person” image. Furthermore, all the user names are converted to fake names and highlighted a different color. Once this transformation has completed, you can take screenshots and share them wherever you want.


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5. Tons of Settings and Tweaks to Play With

When I decided to use Social Fixer, I thought the app would simply add a feature or two to my Facebook interface and nothing major would be tinkered with. I can gladly inform you that I was wrong. This browser tool lets you control everything – from a custom timeline theme to CSS styles.

Social Fixer for Facebook 05

To make these options appear, click on the extension’s icon that appears in the top right of Facebook once it is installed and then enter its options.


As you can see from the features listed above, Social Fixer can truly ‘fix’ your Facebook experience in a multitude of ways.

You can get Social Fixer for Facebook from over here.



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