How to Export Highlighted Text with ‘Save Text To File’ in Firefox

Often you come across text on webpages that you would like to save locally. But to do so in a text file requires a number of steps: first, you begin by highlighting the text you are interested in; then you open up Notepad or a similar text editor; next you paste in the copied text; and finally, you save the text file. All of these steps have been merged into a single action by a Firefox addon called ‘Save Text To File‘.

Save Text To File’ is a browser addon that is compatible with the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The function of this addon is to help you easily export highlighted text on a webpage to a text file. The app saves you the time that you would otherwise be spending on copying the text, opening notepad, pasting the text there, and then saving the file. In addition to the highlighted text, the text file created by the addon includes the system date and time on which the action was taken. There are numerous other tweaks you can control to modify the outputted text file.

Save Text To File 1

To begin, install the addon from the link at the end of this webpage. Once the addon has been installed, you will find a newly placed option in the context menu that appears when you right click on any highlighted text in a webpage, like in the screenshot above.

Whenever you select this option, you will be presented with a popup that will include all the options you can set for the generated text file.

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Save Text To File 2

The following are a few of things you can set:

  • The name of the text file
  • The path of the file
  • The option to include or exclude the date stamps and time stamps
  • Selecting the date format
  • Including the URL of the current webpage in the text file
  • Using the webpage name as the filename

Save Text To File 3

The options that are enabled by default are the ones that you can set from the addon’s preferences. Setting these options ahead of time saves you a lot of time each time that you are exporting the text to file.

When you open the file, the data is precisely how you specify it should be in the addon’s preferences.

Save Text To File 4

As you can see, using this addon is a breeze and it lets you export highlighted text on webpages to a local text file with great ease.

You can get “Save Text To File” from over here.



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