Chrome 32: Tracks Down Noisy Tabs and Offers Much Safer Browsing

The beta version of the next update for Chrome was released in November’13. Yesterday, Google officially rolled out the full version of the new update for Chrome. So, right now Chrome is in version 32 and few important features has been introduced in the new update. Also the mobile version of the Chrome browser is going to be updated soon with an important feature to reduce the data usage. Google said that,  the new update will reduce the mobile data usage by 50% and it will save a lot of bandwidth for the users. The new Chrome 32 update is available for all the Windows, Mac and Linux users. Lets have a look at the features in the new update.


The first important update in the new version is, Chrome will automatically track down the noisy tabs in your browser. For instance, if you have opened more than ten tabs in your browser and suddenly if you get a music or voice from any one of the tabs, Chrome will show you from which tab the noise is coming from. In older versions, you have to manually search and find the noisy tabs or windows, but you don’t have to worry about the noisy tabs anymore. Not only the music or voice, it will also show you which tabs are using your webcam and casting to your tv. This is a pretty useful feature for people who work with a number of tabs all the day.


The next important update is the improved privacy protection. It offers much safer browsing than the previous version of Chrome. If you are about to download any malicious files from the Internet, Chrome will let you know in the download bar with a message as shown in the screenshot. You can still discard and download the file, but make sure the file is safe to download to your PC. The third update is the “Supervised Users” to monitor and manage all the other user activities in the same network. You can restrict sites and review browsing activities of your family members at using this feature.

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The last update is the new “Metro Mode” in Windows 8 for the Chrome desktop apps. We’ve previously discussed about Chrome desktop apps to manage all the apps from your PC or Mac. Chrome 32 brings a new metro mode interface for accessing chrome desktop apps in Windows 8. Try the new update for Chrome and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.



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