5 Reasons Why You Should be Using the ‘FreeMore Audio Video Suite’

I recently stumbled across an impressive media conversion tool set called FreeMore Audio Video Suite. If you are not already using this wonderful app, here are 5 reason why you should start doing so right away:


1. A Comprehensive Audio Editor

FreeMore Audio Video Suite 1

The application has divided its tools under various tabs. Each tab correspond to a different set of media conversion tools. The first of these tabs is where you will find audio converters. Here you will find all sorts of audio manipulation options: audio format converters, ringtone creators, sound recorders, audio editors, and more.

My favorite of these tools is the built in audio editor. The editor looks like a prettier version of Audacity – an audio editing app that is already a favorite of mine. Complicated features such as modulation, amplifications, noise reduction, and a lot more are packed into an intuitive and user friendly interface. After manipulating your audio in whichever way you want, you can save the output in WAV, MP3, OGG, and WMA file formats.

FreeMore Audio Video Suite 2

The editing options along with the audio effects features really make the editor stand out (in the best possible way).


2. An Audio Extractor

As you can see from the bottom right of the top most screenshot, FreeMore offers an audio extraction tool as well. This tool makes it possible to extract the audio from your favorite music videos and then use them in whichever way you want.


3. A Video Converter for Your Android and iOS Device

FreeMore Audio Video Suite 3

The FreeMore Audio Video Suite comes packed with numerous video conversion tools. The regular converters let you easily work with MP4, FLV, WebM, 3GP, AVI, WMV, MPEG, and DivX files. In addition to converting videos between these formats, the app lets you join multiple videos into a single large video – ideal for joining multiple clips of an event that you have recorded through your smartdevice.

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Another set of video converters offered lets you quickly convert videos for into formats that are compatible with your smartdevices. Android and iOS device owners will no longer have to browse through the various output options and decide which one they want, because the app already knows which option you need.


4. A Picture Slideshow Creator that Supports Music

FreeMore Audio Video Suite 4

To make the app a complete multimedia format conversion suite, the app has included some very useful image conversion tools. Amongst these tools, you will find an excellent image format converter and an image resizer. You can even work with PDF files by converting your images into the PDF format and vice versa. A neat OCR tool lets you read the text off images.

The “images suite” is made even better by the built in slideshow creator. This module lets you specify images and an audio file to automatically create a visually appealing pictures slideshow in the AVI file format.

FreeMore Audio Video Suite 5

You can specify the delay time between each picture, the transitions delay, the slideshow video frame rate, and the slideshow video frame size.


5. YouTube and Radio Tools

FreeMore Audio Video Suite 6

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, then you will be glad to hear of FreeMore’s built in YouTube video downloader. All you have to do is input the URL of the video and then select your preferred video quality. The file is downloaded to your PC from within the application.

Other online media tools offered include an online radio and television player.


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As you can see, this app serves a multitude of media conversion and manipulation needs. Its speedy response time and visually appealing interface add to its overall appeal. If you work with media files a lot, do check out FreeMore.

You can get ‘FreeMore Audio Video Suite’ from over here.



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