epCheck: View the Weekly Schedule of Your Favorite TV Shows

epCheck is an excellent piece of freeware that is compatible with computers which are running the Windows OS. The function of this application is to serve as a simple schedule viewer for your favorite television shows. The application provides you with a simple list of your shows and their dates in an organized manner. In addition to displaying the schedules, this app lets you quickly execute a web search for a particular show so you can view various details such as latest news and cast information. Furthermore, you can export the information of your shows into a CSV file.

epCheck 01

To get started, you should download and extract the app’s setup archive. The archive contains an executable file which you simply need to double click to get the applications started i.e. the app does not require installation.

From the screenshot above, you can see how the shows and their schedules appear. This data can be found under the Weekly tab. To begin adding new shows or to change the way that various episodes are displayed, you should enter the Options tab.

epCheck 02.0

The right pane of the Options tab lets you specify the font colors being used for past and future episode listing in the Weekly tab. Additionally, you can specify the number of days after which the app will refresh its data; the default value for this field is 3 days but, in my opinion, setting it to 1 day would be more suitable – of course, you can always manually refresh the schedules anytime you wish.

epCheck 02.1

There are naming options present that I particularly found useful: whether or not to shift the “The” in a show’s title to the end and how to display the season and episode numbering.

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epCheck 02.2

The left pane is where the results of your search appear. In front of each show, you can view its airing date, network, and aliases. Right click on your desired show, and select the “Add Series” option to add it to your shows. When you do this, the show’s episodes airing date data is downloaded.

epCheck 03

Once the episodes have been populated under the Weekly tab, you can right click on them and search for them online using TVDB, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Wikipedia.

epCheck 04

In this simple way, you can easily search for shows, add them to your favorites list, and view the airing dates for their upcoming episodes.

You can get epCheck from over here.



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