8 Reasons to Make ‘Reor’ Your Default Calculator App [Windows]

Reor is an excellent freeware application that I have just discovered. I have decided to make it my default calculator application within Windows. Here are the reasons why I feel that you should do the same:

1. Sleek User Interface

Reor 1

Compared to the Windows native calculator application, Reor offers an extremely visually appealing interface. The curved corners and the overall color scheme is very pleasant on the eyes.


2. Hotkey Shortcuts

Reor 2

Reor supports various hotkey shortcuts for the different modules that it offers. To view what these shortcuts are, you will need to access the View menu in the app’s preferences menu. The submenu will let you open any of the app’s modules. But in front of each module, its respective hotkey keyboard shortcut will be displayed.


3. Built-in Library of Constants

Reor 3

Math and science students have to work with various constant values that are used in common equations. Here are examples of some commonly used constants in such equations: Compton wavelength, atomic mass unit, proton magnetic moment, permittivity of free space, gravitational constant, and the golden ratio constant. All of these values, and more, can be accessed directly from the app’s built-in library of constants. To open up the constants panel, click on the relevant option in the view menu or use the “Ctrl+N” hotkey shortcut.


4. Scientific Calculator Operations

Reor 4

A calculator application is really not very useful unless it supports scientific math operations as well. Trigonometric functions are an integral part of these operations and you cannot have a calculator unless it lets you calculator the sine, cosine, and tangent values of a particular angle. Reor lets you do all of this along with letting you choose the unit of angles being used. Supported angle units include degrees, radians, gradians, and turns.

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There are non-trigonometric functions available as well such as exponential values, natural log, square roots and cube roots, summation values, mean value, standard deviation, and more.


5. A Unit Converter

Reor 5

Regardless of how good a calculator application you currently have, you would still have to face problems while converting readings from one unit to another. But with Reor, there is a built-in unit converter that supports various unit conversions. The things these units cover include length, area, volume, mass, temperature, magnetic FS, torque, pressure, and outgassing rates. You select one of these options from the dropdown on top of the converter; the next step is to use an original unit and then a ‘destination’ unit. With the units selected, the values you enter in one field are automatically reflected in the other.


6. A Graph Plotter

Reor 6.0

Just because Reor is a calculator application, it does not mean that its features are restricted to ‘calculations’ – the app offers a graph plotter as well. When you open this module, you can specify your graphical equation through the buttons offered by the application. Simple to complicated graphs can be easily plotted, simply by expressing your equation in the provided area. Before the graph is plotted, its axis boundaries and scales can be specified in the graph preferences. And when all is done, a red line graph is shown against a simple grid.

Reor 6.1


7. A Mortgage Calculator

Reor 7

Calculating the mortgage payments can be quite a hassle if you do not know what you are doing. And because a lot of planning revolves around these payments, you cannot afford to make any calculation mistakes. Thankfully, Reor offers a built-in mortgage calculator that offers various calculation modes to suit your situation.

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8. History

Reor 8

If, during the course of numerous calculations, you forgot what your last inputted calculation was, you can use the app’s built-in history to trace back to your previous calculations.


From the points above and their respective screenshots, I am sure that you will agree why Reor should be your #1 calculator app!

You can get Reor from over here.



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