‘Turn Off the Lights’ On Non-Video Webpage Elements [Google Chrome]

When streaming a website online, are distracted by the ads that appear on the side? If yes, then you should check out an app called “Turn Off the Lights” – a convenient tool that helps you dim out the non-video elements on a webpage.

Turn Off the Lights is an excellent browser extension that comes for Google Chrome. The function of this tool is to help enhance the focus on the video that you are currently streaming. This is accomplished by simulating the function of “dimming the lights”.

To begin using the tool, install it into Chrome through its extension page. Once it has been installed, the extension’s icon is placed in the browser’s address bar. You can see what the icon looks in the following screenshot:

Turn Off the Lights 1

From then onwards, you can use this icon anytime to focus on the video being streamed. For example, check out the following screenshot of a video being normally streamed on DailyMotion.

Turn Off the Lights 2

The brightness levels of all HTML elements are the same. For some people, the ads that is appearing on the side will be distracting, because it is a Flash ad that keeps changing its picture.

To rid yourself of such distractions, click on the extension’s icon in the address bar and this is what the action will result in:

Turn Off the Lights 3

As you can see, the video is highlighted and everything else is dimmed out. You could say that the lights had been dimmed on the other HTML elements on the webpage. And through this simple action, you are able to view your videos in peace.

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In addition to this basic “turning off the lights” feature, the extension offers you the ability to choose the color used to dim out the non-video elements on the page. Optionally a background image can also be set. People using the extension on YouTube or on HTML5 videos, can have the extension automatically kick in each time the video is being played; or you can have the extension work its auto-action on specific websites only.

Turn Off the Lights 4

The brightness levels i.e. opacity levels can be set in the extension’s preferences. But by enabling hotkeys in the app’s preferences, you can adjust these levels conveniently while the lights have been dimmed through the extension.

Turn Off the Lights 5

Given its user friendliness and wide array of features, this is one browser extension that all Chrome users should give a try.

You can get “Turn Off the Lights” for Google Chrome from here.



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