Get the Apps view by default on Windows 8.1 Start screen

One of the numerous benefits that came along with Windows 8.1 was a brand new Apps view. It’s essentially Microsoft’s replacement for the long-lost Start menu (though that may just be coming back sometime soon).

To access this view, you simply need to head to that Start screen and click the down-facing arrow that is located at the bottom left. It’s easy enough to do, but we can make it even simpler. Here’s how to set that as your default view, so anytime you click Start you will get a list of all of your installed apps.

To get started, head down to the taskbar and right-click on a blank area of it, then choose the Properties option to open a box that contains several tabs across the top.

Tap on the “Navigation” tab to show the options contained there. There are a few options on this screen, but the one under “Start screen” which is says “Show the Apps view automatically when I go to start” is what you’re looking for in this case.

It’s off by default, but you can place a check mark in the little box to change that. Once you do, then when you tap Start — easily accessed by hitting the Windows button on your keyboard — you’ll now get the apps list, no clicking the arrow necessary.



It’s a simple enough process, and one that I think many people wish was the default. And, you can always go back by simply reversing the steps we went over.

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