Momentum For Chrome Lets you Stay Focused on Important Things

The internet has equal amount of Productivity tools as well as distraction points. Especially for people who work in Internet all the day will get easily distracted. That’s why we have lots of browser extensions and web applications available to stay focused on our job. Social networking sites have become a biggest distraction points for everyone. A distraction free environment is the first key to our productivity. It should start from our workstations. That’s why today I came with a new chrome extension called “Momentum”, which creates a distraction free environment in your Chrome new tab page.


We’ve discussed many useful extensions for Chrome’s new tab page. Momentum is one such app for Chrome which lets you stay productive throughout the day. You can download Momentum from Chrome web store using the link below. Once you complete the installation, you will not see any icons in the front, but the app will be running in the background. Open the new tab page, you will see a beautiful landscape with a blank space asking “What’s your name?”. Type your name to start with the application.


After typing the name, you will see a welcome note with the current time and an inspirational quote below. Again, you have a blank space over there asking “What’s your main focus today?”. Type the important thing you want to focus on that day and start doing your works. Another important option in the extension is the “To do” option in the right bottom corner. Click that to add the tasks you want to manage and complete on that day. Add any number of tasks to your new tab page and check the boxes once you complete it.

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Your current location and weather information will be available at the right top corner. Still, you can access all your apps installed in Chrome using the “Apps” option in the left top corner. One of the important features in the application is, it will prevent you from accessing social networking sites like Facebook or Reddit more than ten times a day. Momentum is a good alternative for your default new tab page in Chrome. The app also works in offline. If you a regular user of Chrome, then this is a must have extension in your browser. Share your views about the app in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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