Disable distracting Start screen animations in Windows 8.1

Some people love to adorn their computer with added extras, but bells and whistles are not for everyone. If you are one of the people who find Windows’ Start screen animations a little distracting, you’ll be pleased to learn that they can be disabled very easily.

Precisely what animation you see will depend on the theme you have chosen to use, but the chances are that you find it a little distracting. No special tools are needed to disable the animation, but it is not immediately obvious how to go about it.

Press the Windows key and C to call up the Charms bar, and then click Settings followed by Change PC settings. Click the Ease of Access link to the bottom of the left hand list and then click Other options.


Click the slider labelled Play animations in Windows so it moves to the Off position and then close down PC Settings.


Should you ever change your mind about the animations, you just need to switch the setting back on again.

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