Controlling Google Chrome Notifications

We all tend to run extensions in our web browser, sometimes more than we should — too much of a good thing can actually be bad. Chrome, especially, offers many useful add-ons, or, more specifically, third-party developers do (a few do come from Google).

What you may not realize, unless you pay careful attention to the system tray, is that Chrome now adds it own icon there. It’s not a Chrome logo, but instead a bell. It’s designed provide notifications, many of which are provided by those extensions that you have installed.


If the icon is grey, then there are no notifications awaiting your attention. However, you can still click on it and find options. These include setting the service to “do not disturb” to prevent it from popping up when there is something in need of attention. You can choose to clear all notifications if you do, in fact, have any. Or, you click on settings to pop up a menu that allows you to pick and choose what will notify you if something is going on.


By default, you’ll find pretty much everything is enabled. This can be changed with a simple mouse-click to remove the checkmark to the radio button.


It’s simple enough, but was introduced by Google rather quietly, so many users have not even noticed its there. In fact, you’ll now only find if you have Chrome installed on your Windows computer, but also if you are using a Chromebook.

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