Facebook Chat Pro Enables Desktop Notifications and Tweaks Privacy of Facebook Messenger

Compared to all the popular instant messengers out there, Facebook messenger is one of the most used chat applications now a days. Facebook Messenger app for mobile devices is updated recently and it has got a brand new interface. Also user can connect their phone number with the messenger to send and receive chat messages. We have plenty of third party applications available to customize the Facebook messenger options. Previously I wrote about a chrome extension to stop your friends from knowing when you have seen their Facebook message. Today I came with another interesting application called “Facebook Chat Pro”, which enables desktop notifications and lets you customize privacy settings of the Facebook messenger.


Facebook Chat Pro is a chrome extension. You can download the extension from Chrome web store using the link below. Once you complete the installation, you can see the Facebook Chat Pro icon near to your URL bar. After installing the extension, desktop notifications will be enabled automatically. All you have to do is, keep Facebook open in at least one tab in your browser. Even you minimize the window, you will receive chat notifications in the desktop.


You can customize notifications and few privacy options in the “Settings” of the application. Right click on the Facebook Chat Pro icon near to the URL bar and select “Options” in the list. You will be redirected to a new tab, where you can enable and disable the options. In the first category “Privacy”, you have two different options. The first option will disable or stop people from knowing when you have seen their message. The second option will disable the “typing” notification on the chat box when you are typing the message.

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Next one is the “Notifications” category. You can choose the time interval between receiving the desktop notifications. It varies from 1 second to 60 seconds. You can disable notification for a period of time using the slider over there. By default, the notification will be closed automatically. If you don’t want the notification to be closed, enable the “Do not close the notifications automatically” option below the slider. You can also see a sample desktop notification on the same screen.


You can add new chat sounds to your messenger from the “Typewriter Mode” category. Click on the “Apply a noir style to Facebook” check box to enable different chat sounds. You can also reset all the settings in the same menu. If you are a regular user of Facebook messenger then “Facebook Chat Pro” is a must have app in your Chrome browser. Try this one and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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