Flow for Instagram is an Excellent Instagram Client for iPad

After Facebook acquired the Instagram, lots of changes have been made in the application. Recently Instagram is updated with a new feature called “Instagram Direct”, which lets the users to send picture messages to a specific user or a group of people. You can make a picture private and use Instagram as a messenger using this new feature. Instagram clients are one of the important tools for the Instagram lovers. Previously I wrote about Pixsta, one of the best Instagram clients for PC. Today I came with an interesting  Instagram client for iPad called “Flow for Instagram”. Lets have a look at the features and functions of the app below.


Instagram will not allow any third party apps or client applications to upload a picture. So you can’t find any Instagram clients to upload pictures from your PC or Mobile devices. Apart from uploading the pictures, you can perform all the actions using the client applications. Flow for Instagram, is a free app  for iPad. You can download the app from App store using the link below. The application is very simple and easy to understand. Once you complete the installation, connect your Instagram account to start with the application.


After connecting the account, it will take you to the home page, where you have a left and a right panel. The left panel contains the options and the right panel have the pictures. The first option in the top has your profile information. All the pictures you’ve posted, your followers and following count will be available in the profile. Below that you see a can a set of options. The first option is your Instagram timeline. Swipe left on your iPad to see the pictures. Tap on the picture you need to open. Like Facebook, it will open the picture in a pop-up and go back where you’ve left when you close the picture.

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You can favorite, comment and reply to the comments from the app. The second option contains all your favorites. Using the third option, you can bookmark and add tags into the pictures in your timeline. The fourth option, “Explore” will be very helpful than the default explore option in Instagram. It show a list of people you are following in Instagram based on popularity and you can browse all of their posts separately. It is a pretty interesting feature, which lets you  keep in touch with all your favorite people on Instagram.


There is a default search option available in the app, which lets you find people and images based on a keyword. Next you have “Settings” of the app. In that you can turn on/turn off the video auto play and username display in the feed. More options and tutorials will be available in the “Flow” option below the settings. For Instagram lovers, it is a must have app in your iPad. Try the app and share your experience with us in the comments.  Thanks for reading,  do share this post with your friends.

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