Downgrade Windows Media Player 12 to WMP 11 on Windows 7

Windows Media Player 11

Windows 7 has got lots of new goodies like, several visual enhancements, new taskbar aka superbar, Taskbar Thumbnail Preview, Windows Media player 12, DirectX 11 etc. I am sure everyone will not like all these new features for e.g some one may find uncomfortable with latest windows media player 12 visual changes.

If you are one such user, unconformable with WMP 12 then here is the way to downgrade your Windows 7 WMP 12 to Window Media player 11. Thanks to Lord Devrexster of Winmatrix forum who has made Windows Media Player 11 installer for Windows 7.

How to Downgrade Windows Media Player 12 to Windows Media Player 11 on Windows 7

1. Download Windows Media Player 11 Installer for Windows 7

2. Now Type services.msc on windows 7 search bar

3. Stop Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.

4. Take Ownership of following files

All files in “Program Files\Windows Media Player\” folder
All files starting with “wmp” in System32 folder
wmploc.dll.mui in “Sytem32\en-us\” folder

5. Now Run Windows Media Player 11 Installer

6. Now type Regedit on Start Menu Search bar

7. Delete following Registry key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Setup\Installed Versions

(Don’t forget to take Backup of Registry before modifying/editing/deleting any registry key)

8. Reboot your Windows 7

Screenshot of Windows Media Player 11 in Widows 7 (Media Player Gadget)

Windows Media Player 11 for Windows 7

Please Note : We will not be responsible if you damage your Windows 7 with above information. Do it at your own risk. We have not created or nor host any files for download here.

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67 thoughts on “Downgrade Windows Media Player 12 to WMP 11 on Windows 7”

  1. I don’t think that some one will unlike the new visual changes in WMP 12 to the extent of downgrading it.
    BTW, nice one if there are some existing.

  2. @axis : it works, it’s win7 and you have messed up something…I’ve ported WMP11 from my x64 to my Win7 x64 and it works..

  3. Stephen Harris

    How do you then install the DRM upgrade required by certain programs such as 4OD?

  4. Using the x86 installer that basically makes this one key click discussed at

    I edited it so it auto detects and installs on both x86 and x64, removed the backup, removed some unneeded files and fixed the admin check failed bug on x64 machines. I couldn’t get the taskbar toolbar to work correctly in x64.

    If anyone is interested I’ve uploaded it to:

    Many thanks to all involved

  5. i would like to recieve windows media player skins, as i am a big fan of this product…

  6. I need to downgrade because boneheaded MS changed WMP12 so that it doesn’t allow advanced tag editing on files. I’ve been editing the metadata, but that’s stupid, so I’m going back to WMP11…..

  7. I agree that the tag editing change is terrible. If WMP12 mistags information — and I have had a lot of problems with just a few tests — it is difficult and cumbersome to correct it. For instance, I have yet to find a way to change the genre of all songs in an album if the album is mislabled. In WMP11, you can select all tracks, right click, advanced tag editor, and make that change. In WMP you can’t even directly edit genre as far as I can tell. You have to actually go to the file itself in explorer, do properties, and correct that information. WMP12 sometimes is unresponsive when I try to click on titles and artists and change them, I have also had it automatically split albums apart for some reason. And if the album artist, performing/contributing artist, and composer information is intermixed? ARGH.

    No, WMP12 is BAD.

  8. Plz include in the Instructions file that:
    Finally, go to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player, right click wmplayer.exe, and in the details tab copy the “Product Version” (eg in my pc it’s 11.0.6000.6324). Then open regedit again, open “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\PlayerUpgrade\PlayerVersion”, and replace the value with the one you copied before, but where you see dots, replace them with commas. I had to do this in order to use WMP 11 in windows 7.

  9. @Stefanos, This is easier:

    Go here:

    And remove the ‘folder’ in there called “Current Version”.

  10. Good works like a charm. Windows Media Player wouldn’t add all my songs to the library, WMP 11 does, best WMP.

  11. When I take ownership over all the files in media player i can’t install wmp11, should i erase the files or just take ownership?

    Would like to read a more specific guide thanks!

    great work anyways hate wmp12

  12. Have been looking at retail versions of W7. I wonder if buying an ‘N’ version will avoid having to go to the trouble of un-installing WMP12 before installing WMP11 ? Presumable the ‘N’ versions still allow you to install WMP if you choose even they they do not bundle it in.

  13. this process does not work with the RC build. I have taken over permission of all of the required files, and the wmp11 installer tells me that

    “an error occurres while trying to copy a file” and then lists all of the files in c:\program files\windows media player\en-US\

  14. What if I have Windows 7 Ultimate N?
    Because i couldn´t serch Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.

  15. I myself have not had any problems with windows Media player 12,which was installed on my Windows 7. But as I am using VLC media player which does exactly the same as Windows media does but plays videos in a wider screen. I did not see the need to have 3 media playes. As well as VLC player I have REAL Player so I can download videos from the Internet but this also can play my video files. Although you cannot set Real Player as your default program. But you can with VLC ,so because I already have VLC player as my main player. I uninstalled Windows Media player from my system. I did this by removing the file in programs on C drive. I was able to delete the Windows Media file using a tool called unlocker,so you dont have to take ownership of the file to remove it,if you use Unlocker.

    And because I deleted the file and other things Windows Media player is no longer on my computer and I just have VLC player only and Real Player for going onto the Internet to download and save videos. But now VLC is my main player that plays everything,voicemails,videos and mp3s.

    So as long as you have another media player installed you do not need Windows Media player to play videos. But if you do uninstall windows Media I advise you to have VLC in its place as it does the same as Windows media,works in the same way. And is compatible with Windows 7. But the difference between VLC player and Windows Media is that VLC plays better videos in better qualaty and wider screen and there are more options such as larger tool buttons on the player. And you can browser through the video from the begining skipping bits you dont to watch by moving the pionter etc. But VLC is very easy to use and you will like it. Andrea Borman.

  16. Oh, I certinly hate WMP 12 enough to downgrade it. Mircorsoft shouldn’t be able to determine which version of software I want to use.

  17. I didn’t get point 4. What does “take ownership” mean?? I don’t know what to do with the files… Please excuse me, English is not my mother tongue. :(

  18. me, and I think that there’s a lot of number of people who would do so too. hence this tutorial.

  19. OMG after trying many hours one way, I tried this:

    1- Go to control Panel
    2- Choose programs and feature (not uninstall)
    3- CHoose Turn Windows Feature On or Off on the left of the screen
    4- Find Media Features
    5- Unmark Media Features then press Ok
    6- Simply restart, and reinstall media player 11 (or the one you’d like)
    7- Delete following Registry key

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftMediaPlayerSetupInstalled Versions

    8- Reboot your Windows 7 for the changes to take effect.

    and it works , hurray.. :)

  20. It won’t work, I’m receiving errors. I successfully installed it. But after rebooting my pc, it just won’t work.

  21. Thanks! I also tried your method, the set-up run perfectly. But then when I already played a video file, it won’t let me. It won’t work. Any help, please? I really need to install windows media player 11 for the purpose of viewing g2m3 files. It won’t let me with wm 12 and others have been telling me it works perfectly fine with having the needed codec (I did as instructed, too) but then again, it won’t worked. I tried using another computer running an XP with WM 11, and the video I was trying to watched, played. Any round around for this one? I really need wm 11 installed in my pc. Thanks.

  22. This doesnt work, when i click on it, der is this error!!
    Windows Media Configuration Manager
    There is a more recent version of Windows Media Player (11.0.6001.7000) already installed on your computer. It is not possible to use an older installation package (11.0.6000.6324) to install files or to repair your current version of the Player.

    What Should i doo? :O

  23. i wanted windows media player 11 on windows7 because of the SRS wow effect.

    but srs wow effect didnt work. no difference if i turned it on.

  24. SRS WOW effect is in 12 right click the screen in now playing, go to enhancements and you will see SRS WOW efects there.

    P.S. Sometimes SRS WOW won’t work because your sound card doesn’t support it, or you may need to upgrade your speakers to a 2.1 stereo or higher. SRS WOW is not a substitute for a subwoofer, but it can enhance your existing woofer.

    P.P.S. I agree with everyone else. WMP 12 sucks eggs for the most part. Microsoft should learn If something ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it.

  25. i wanna downgrade from wmp12 to wmp 11 on win7,..wmp 12 is crap,no enhancements,..just looks worse than the xp wmp 9 version,..eughhh..

  26. —–> “Note that Windows Media Player 12 adds native support for H.264 (AVCHD .M2TS or .MTS), Xvid and DivX video codecs, AAC audio and 3GP, MP4 and MOV container formats, so downgrading to Windows Media Player 11 will remove these format support, although it will bring back some useful features of Windows Media Player 11 such as deskband or taskband (WMP toolbar on Taskbar), “Recently Added” link in the menu, and color chooser for the skin.”
    After downgrading it wont able to play any of my video..only wmv format plays..THEN WHAT THE USE OF DOWNGRADING ??? just for that skins,WMP toolbar thats a childish features a kid only want..
    Is there no way to play other format vids in wmp 11… ?

  27. As sais in the article—–> “Note that Windows Media Player 12 adds native support for H.264 (AVCHD .M2TS or .MTS), Xvid and DivX video codecs, AAC audio and 3GP, MP4 and MOV container formats, so downgrading to Windows Media Player 11 will remove these format support, although it will bring back some useful features of Windows Media Player 11 such as deskband or taskband (WMP toolbar on Taskbar), “Recently Added” link in the menu, and color chooser for the skin.”
    WTF its true after downgrading it wont able to play any of my video..only wmv format plays..THEN WHAT THE USE OF DOWNGRADING ??? just for that skins,WMP toolbar thats a childish features a kid only want..
    Is there no way to play other format vids in wmp 11… ?

  28. P.S and how to revert- re-install wmp 12 ..its not happening …showeing error..wmp is not installed properly and must be reinstalled

  29. Sandip chindi lol,,,my pc got pwned..not able to revert back to wmp 12

    at last i was able to Revert back to WMP12..and thats my luck that system restore was by it help everything is normal now :)
    >NOTE—> Just want to add that the only supported way to get WMP 11 on Windows 7 is by installing it in XP Mode .
    And once you downgrade to wmp11 then theres no way to come back..the only option till i have found is thru system restore or to re-install Windows 7.
    >Moral of the story/Tragedy — dont downgrade to wmp 11 as many/mostly all video format wont work with wmp11(as wat i have said in below comment)

  30. Well, it’s not working after downgrade and you’re not in the mood at the moment for solving it, download VLC Player.
    Did you tried to uninstall and reinstall the codec pack after the downgrade?
    If it works, let us know.

  31. I hate it enough to grab a sledgehammer and repeatedly bash wmp12. There’s hardly anything about it I could ever like, and most things I want to do are not possible with wmp12 but quite possible with 11. Hell, for its ugliness alone I want to find a personified version of it just to repeatedly murder and torture it.
    Source(s): me, after being frustrated by wmp12 for the last hour

  32. Yes, agree. There is too much of this control that Microsoft have over software and its compatibility. No sooner have you got used to using something it is changed i.e. Windows upgrades. Why can’t I still use an older version of Windows and why should I not be allowed to use a different version of other programs, if that is my choice. It’s not even as if they’re being ripped off because of it. They just want money. My hi-fi and other electrical equipment doesn’t stop working to force into buying an upgrade. I hate WMP12 too. It is so much harder to use and much more difficult to navigate and to say it works much worse than version 11 is a huge under statement. It crashes all the time and doesn’t always import music properly when dragged and dropped manually into the library. I have always had problems with it, even when my computer was new. Just because a program is upgraded doesn’t mean that it is better. It’s about time Microsoft upgraded or should we say downgraded to a different version. Let’s hope it’ll be like version 11.

  33. Install K-Lite Codec Pack from codec guide. I have it and it works great. It also comes with Media Player Classic (optional).

  34. What I found on the link – The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of our Terms of Service. Can you reload this please?

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