NovaBench is a Free Benchmarking App for Your Computer [Windows / Mac]

NovaBench is an excellent computer benchmarking application that comes in versions for Windows as well as Mac computers. I tried out the Windows version on my Windows 8 64 bit setup and was extremely pleased with the thorough tests carried out by the application

You start by downloading the app’s setup file, which for Windows users is sized at nearly 12 MB. Once you have installed the application, you can open its main window where you will find the detected system specifications displayed in the bottom pane.

Novabench 1

To begin benchmarking, simply click on the big button that says ‘Start Benchmark Tests.’ The app will begin its tests starting from your CPU. The following CPU tests will be carried out: floating point operations, integer operations, and MD5 hashing speed.

Novabench 2

After these set of tests, the app will execute memory tests and see what RAM transfer speeds your system can achieve. This will be followed by a graphics tests. A predefined video sequence will be played. In the top left of this video, the current frames per second rate will be shown. You will also be able to view the graphics card being used – this is particularly helpful when your machine has switchable graphics, like my own laptop.

Novabench 3

The final test carried out is the hard drive writing speed.

Novabench 4

With everything done, the results of all of those tests are shown in the app’s main window. Scores for each module i.e. RAM, CPU, graphics, and hard drive, are displayed. Your machine’s overall score is the sum of all these scores.

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Novabench 5

Of course, the scores themselves do not mean anything if you do not have anything to compare them with. To fix this little problem, the app lets you post your scores online or simply checkout what the scores of other computers are. By going to NovaBench’s website, you are able to check out what scores other people’s computers have achieved.

Novabench 6

For each of the scores provided online, you are also able to view the system specifications. Scores online are categorized by their value. But you can quickly skip to the top CPU scores and the top GPU scores by clicking on the relevant tab. The top Mac scores are also available as a separate category.

As you can see, using NovaBench is fairly easy. While it might not be as fully comprehensive as many of the paid applications currently available online, it does offer a lot of value for the ‘free’ price tag that accompanies it.

You can check out NovaBench from over here.



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